Good news just keeps coming for all valued members of Brocade MIB!

We are pleased to announce extensions to our submission timeline.

ADX (BRO0095) and VDX (BRO0096) extended to  31 March 2012
Volume program (BRO0097) extended to                12 May 2012

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All rewards awarded in the Brocade MIB rewards program will be in the form of dollar-equivalent shopping vouchers in all local currencies except for Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Maldives and Sri Lanka where rewards in the form of merchandise approved by Brocade will be disbursed.


Upon registration, you will first receive your Brocade APN Partner login details, and on the following Wednesday, you will receive your Brocade MIB login details which you will need to login to the Brocade MIB Rewards Program website to submit all your sales claims.